Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where has this year gone?

I was cleaning out my sewing room the other day and ran across some pictures that I taken of some strange looking little birds that I had wanted to use the pictures to create some new nodder patterns, but somehow six whole years came and went without me even getting started on them. I wanted to post just one of these pictures here so you can see what I liked about them.

Got to go now! I think I will tell everyone what I tell my grandkids when I drop them off at school! Try to be good today! Okay?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Working on 6" Mini Doll Legs Today

I ran a fever this whole weekend along with being congested and having a sore throat, an ear ache, and a tooth ache so I have not felt like doing much of anything, but today I am tired of just laying around the house feeling sorry for myself so I decided to get back into stuffing these little doll arms and legs.

I have been making these little dolls for a while now and wanted to post a couple of pictures here so that you can see how I stuff them.

These dolls are just 6" tall when finished.  The head and body can be stuffed by just using your fingers to stuff small bits and pieces of fiberfil into the bodies, but the are and legs are not easy to stuff.

I use a regular kitchen funnel and a wooden dowel to stuff them with. Just choose one that fits the opening fairly good, and hold the funnel inside the opening as you push a small piece of stuffing about the size of a quarter into the bottom of the funnel.  If you don't hold them together the arm or leg will pop off the funnel before it goes in.   Stuff it only halfway because you don't want your doll's arms to not stick out at a weird angle.