Saturday, May 14, 2011

I met an old boyfriend today.

I took my dolls to the Art in Seargeant Park Show in Lafollette today with my sister Mildred and ran into an old boyfriend from my high school days named John LaMaire.

John has always been a talented artist, and he was now a member of the Campbell County Artists Association.

He and his young daughter were setup with his paintings there at the park there today.  I did not recognize him and would have walked on by without even saying hello if Mildred had not pointed him out to me.

I enjoyed meeting John and his teenage daughter today, and I hope that his daughter did not think anything strange by the hug that John and I exchanged when we parted.  There was no danger there since I have a thing for bad boys.  I searched until I found the baddest boy in town, and we have been sort of happily married for more then 35 years.   My hubby was so bad that I gave him the much deserved name of King Butthole early in our marriage, and he probably gave me the name of wicked witch or something to that sort.  Of course hubby and I have mellowed out considerably now so that the only thing we usually argue about is what's for dinner!  Unfortunately this argument usually happens once a day! LOL!

While I was at the park today I also got my Buzzard Nodder finished.  This buzzard was made to look like a cartoon buzzard that I found on the internet.  He turned out just as goofy looking, but I am still not quite satisfied with my pattern yet.  I want to give him sewn on eyelids instead of having them painted on like they are now, and maybe give him an orange beak before I call him finished... but he is......Big Drum Roll Please!  Taa Daa!