Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ups and Downs and in and Outs of Embroidery

I have owned a Pfaff embroidery machine for many years now, and I have always loved this machine so after I started making primitive dolls I wanted to see if it was possible to machine embroider letters on a doll's apron in such a way that the letters would look hand embroidered since my hand embroidered letters did not look all that good to me.

My problem with my embroidery machine was in communication with the computer though!  My computer has the Windows 7 operating system, and the Pfaff  company stopped updating the 2170 embroidery machines after Windows XP so there was no way to get them to communicate with each other.  I finally found an old laptop with windows XP to use with it, but the mouse I bought to go with the laptop just works for a minute and quits, and the stylus thing on the laptop just drove me crazy trying to use it.

I finally found a font set in an outline stitch like I was looking for on the internet, and had already put several letters into the laptop when I got stuck on an O.  The stylus would not let me move the O where I needed it to go.  It would look fine until I tried to move it, but no matter where I tried to touch it to move it into place it got bigger then the other letters.  I finally gave up in disgust.

Wow. I have not checked out this blog for a while.

The biggest part of my pictures are now gone, and I don't know what happened to them.  I will do some investigating and see if I can get them back on here.  Later you all.