Monday, September 7, 2009

Staining and Blushing the Bag Holder Dolls

I don't know how everyone else blushes their doll's cheeks, but I do my doll's cheeks while the tea stain is still wet.

I add 5 tea bags to a small pot of boiling water, and take it off the heat to cool. While it was cooling I lay my dolls on top of plastic shopping bags to protect my table.

Make sure to get both sides of the doll well covered with the tea.

To blush the doll' cheeks open your cheek paint and barely dip a damp foam paint brush into the paint.

Then rub the foam brush back and forth onto a corner of the plastic shopping bag.

Then rub the brush on the doll's cheeks. Try to keep the two painted cheeks the same size, but do not be concerned that there seems to be to much paint on the cheeks at this point.

Next take a paper towel and lightly rub from the front to the back of the doll's head or around in circles on the painted edge of both cheeks to smooth out the paint.

Maybe you can do better then me, but I don't think that my doll's cheeks turned out to bad!

Then lay the doll in front of the fan to dry.

Well my break is over so back to work.


  1. WOW!!! You sure have been busy! That's a lot of doll bodies!! Good luck at your show!

  2. Thanks for the blushing tip!!! Sure is a lot of dollies! I tend to make one at a time, lol

  3. My heavens, you have been really busy! I too tend to make one or two at a time. Love the blush tip.